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Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping is the procedure for drilling/cutting an opening into a pipe that is carrying product under pressure. This procedure is done without the need shut down the pipe and is completed without spillage. It can be performed for any number of reasons:

  • To attach a branch connection.

  • To install an internal probe or monitor.

  • To stop or divert flow in a line for maintenance and repairs.

A hot tap requires a fitting, a valve and a pressure-containing tapping machine.

Fitting  Procurement

We know that the time it takes to get hands on a fitting can make or break a projects deadline. Here at Tapping Solutions, we have developed a network over many years with different resources to help provide the correct fitting in the needed timeline. We also carry several of the most popular sizes of fitting in stock.



  • We are in TPS Alert

  • Isnet world: # (400-170513)

  • Veriforce: 60925

  • Third party Safety Company: Accurate Safety

  • We maintain our training and Safety in house and with Accurate Safety out of Oklahoma City.

  • We send all of our technicians through TD Williams Hot Tapping School.

  • We send all of our People through Safeland Training 

  • We are always looking for the opportunity to equip and empower our people to succeed on the job and in life.

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